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    Welcome to Dundalk

    We are a unique, vibrant Town Centre, etched out by our rich heritage and unique independent retail core structure. The jewel of the north east, we have a rich built heritage, strong restaurant culture and Vibrant Night time economy.

    Through the transformative power of paint, the project will look at reinvigorating large areas of commercial property, capitalizing on recently completed regeneration works in the area, helping transcend the perceptions of Dundalk held by its visitors, residents and key stakeholders. The initiative aims to help business owners and landlords in the town centre with the complete transformation of tired facades on their historic buildings and shop fronts. Through unique public and private partnerships alongside corporate sponsorship.

    Featured 2020 Projects
    The project will focus on two core elements
    • Retail Heritage Signage Restoration
    • Commercial Facade Restoration

    This area is a healthy vibrant part of the towns retail core, it is predominantly made up of longstanding family run businesses, from butchers, bakers electrical stores Vegetable stores and longstanding public houses. It has a healthy artistic culture with Bridge street studios, printers, law and family run restaurants. Its functionality has ensured its success over the last 50 year’s however some of those years have not been kind to the visible facade. This is something we are working to reverse with this new initiative.

    Dundalk BIDS will organise and implement the scheme on a trial bases in 2020, starting in the Historical “SAINT NICHOLAS QUARTER” of Dundalk.

    “The Transformative Power of Paint can help you stand out in the crowd” Dundalk Town

    1. Colour Scheme: We will work with you on a unique colour scheme that will be selected with our partnered colour specialist

    2. Painting Supplies: Our Painting Partners will work closely with you and provide you with all painting materials needed at trade price.

    3. Zero Labour Cost: Under this scheme Dundalk BIDS will activate and implement all painting works at no cost to the subscribing business, this means that we will take care of all labour and machinery cost to get the job done.

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