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    Record Store Day 2018 Saturday 21st April

    Record Store Day 2018 Saturday 21st April
    April 5, 2018 Dundalk BIDS

    The ‘Vinyl Cup Final ‘is to be hosted in Dundalk again, for its third consecutive year…

    Record Store Day is a special day around the world for record collectors. For one day only every year, on the third Saturday of every April, the record collecting community gets a huge ‘Christmassy’ kind of treat. For this one day, hundreds of records are made especially by the industry & made available in limited numbers through the various record labels. These are generally records of a mega-rarity variety and of special personal value; this gift being a thrill for even the most moderate record hunter. It’s a day to be genuinely excited about because it feeds into the thirst for records that has existed since their creation in 1870’s.

    Classified Records has been continued its participation as an official partner, connected through by BBC6 Music, their growing relationship allowing this global event to return to Dundalk on Saturday 21st April 2018.

    Among the exclusive records up for grabs this year are special releases by; David Bowie, Marvin Gaye, Bruce Springsteen, Rory Gallagher, PIL, The Cure, Miles Davis, U2, The Who, The Cure, Lalo Schiffrin, Prince, The Notorious B.I.G., Arcade Fire, The Streets, Gloria Gaynor & all kinds of compilations and soundtracks. The list of available records will be embargoed until the day itself.

    Classified Records will open early at 9am on April 21st to facilitate those keen collectors who will be on the hunt earlier than usual. The day will be soundtracked with great tunes on their instore turntables and with a panoramic vinyl collectors’ community in the area, the shops’ owner Neil Waters is keen to continue with this new tradition in local retail.

    He commented:

    “The modern, populist revival of ‘vinyl’ has been triggered by new generations being bamboozled by the wonder of a record spinning on a turntable. It’s been cool since Edison got involved in the early patents of the Phonograph in 1877. It was cool in the 1st half of the 20th century, even when radio was introduced in 1920. It survived a Great Depression, a Wall Street crash & two World Wars, and finally the internet but people have always grouped together listening to music.”

    “In the mid-50’s they invented the pop charts and pushed Elvis Presley out front, this juggernaut of an industry went on a endless voyage, being propelled by the introduction of new technologies and advancements in recording techniques. We’ve had revolutions in music, eras and demographics defined by music, lives soundtracked by songs. Yes, there are various ways to listen to music; none more so than today but records will always bewitch people. That’s why after a twenty-year dark age, a supposedly obsolete format rose from its coma and charged out of the hospital all guns blazing.”

    “Today, the record industry is a combination of both the existing analogue set-up and the digital age. Records can be played via a wireless blue-tooth device, or played on a portable ‘briefcase’ style turntable. Modern music lovers can scan through their Spotify playlists to find the album they love the most; the one you’d actually spend money on. YouTube can be accessed this way too; the try before buy technique. It’s a really interesting mix of two different worlds, yet they dovetail perfectly in harmony. Yes, we can talk all 24/7 about the differences in sound reproduction but our ears are ours alone; what and how we listen to music to down to our own personal choice. Music is subjective but as the bigger picture illustrates beyond any doubt, the record business is inherently cyclical.”

    “A vibrant record-collecting community plays its part and we’ve coined the phrase ‘The Vinyl Cup Final’ to commemorate this special one-off day. It has that celebratory feel of a day of excitement and hope. We ask ourselves….What records will be unveiled that morning? What will I choose? Will I get the record I really wanted? What did I just buy!? It’s a stimulating occasion and we’re delighted to be hosting it again.”

    “In recognition of our continuing work with the BBC, we’ve been invited to host a record stall at their independent record fair at the BBC6 Big Weekender at the Titanic Slipways in Belfast on 25/26th of May. Performing at this event will be; Beck, The Breeders, Orbital, Manic Street Preachers, David Holmes, Franz Ferdinand, Underworld & Father John Misty among others. We’re over the moon about this and excited about branching out and networking our name around the U.K.”

    For all kinds of record collector, Record Store Day is a great opportunity for anyone looking to continue specialising their vinyl collection. “Since we opened our doors nearly three years ago, we’ve noticed subtle differences to the industry. There’s no real ‘singles market’ anymore – It’s albums people want. It’s the artwork, the packaging, the sheer physical size of it. We’ve seen people revive their once-dormant collections, we’ve got newcomers to the market, we’ve even had kids in as young as 10 or 11 buying records, influenced by their parents love of the medium. Aided by the digital age, propped up by a weight of history, the collecting records business is in very good health”.

    “Yet there is a dangerous thrill to this vocation. It’s like holding a demon on a leash. There are dark tales of megalomania throughout the industry, yet at the same time, with every new musical discovery the world keeps on dancing and singing”, said Neil.

    Classified Records will be celebrating Record Store Day on Saturday April 21st, 2018, with doors opening at 9am. All records are embargoed and are subject to the rules of World Record Day release and cannot be revealed or reserved before April 21st.

    For more information contact Classified Records at +353 42 9386406.

    To find out more about Record Store Day visit  http://www.recordstoreday.com/

    To find out more about Classified Records visit: http://www.classifiedrecords.ie

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