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    The Festival of Horrors ‘Quarantine Zone’ Friday 20th – Monday 30th October

    7pm | Friday 20th – Monday 30th October 

    AVA Corporation have recently set up a new biological weapons testing and research facility on the grounds of Bellurgan Park just outside Dundalk. Military units have set up blockades and checkpoints to maintain the quarantine and protect the site perimeter.

    The facility houses a high spec laboratory complete with state of the art equipment and the best scientists the industry has to offer. The site also includes an extensive outdoor testing facility for trialing new weapons developed on site.

    The AVA corporation have launched a public appeal for volunteers to help test some of the exciting new projects that are being developed for the bio-weapons industry.

    All applicants are requested to present themselves to the research facility for processing from October 20th – 22nd and October 27th – 30th.

    Experiments are only conducted nightly between the hours of 7pm and 11pm.

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